Customer Reviews

  • EB

    “You always let us know when we get discounts”

  • ED

    “You were great when I had my accident. Just wonderful to me when I needed the help. Thanks again. ”

  • SF

    “Great customer service ”

  • DF

    “Outstanding service when needed”

  • CS

    “In my experience, everyone is very responsive to inquiries and information. I find it very valuable for you folks to be so accessible!”

  • JM

    “The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The owner gives useful advice and guidance. ”

  • DM

    “You always following through answering my questions and resolving problems.”

  • CP

    “I have NEVER had any other insurance company. (over 40) I haven’t even had a problem with McElhinny any accident or event that was cover by erie was handled with speed with a fair and honest settlement. My work and wives job both offered us insurance and most of the times its cheaper but for the amount I would save I rather have the piece of mind knowing if I have a problem I wont have jump through hoops trying to get it handled. Thank you McElhinny and don’t change a thing!!”

  • WB

    “React quickly to any requests.”

  • RB

    “Quick response to questions and support when needed.”

  • KS

    “Your service is unbeatable!”

  • GB

    “McElhinny Insurance has been my car and home insurance carrier for approximately 30 years. Unfortunately, I have had a few claims, however, they were dealt with fast and with ease. I definitely would recommend McElhinny Insurance to anyone. ”

  • JP

    “NO matter what I asked you went out of your way to answer and made sure I understood what I should do.”

  • EW

    “It is nice to be able to discuss insurance needs with someone who is already familiar with my current insurance status.”

  • FC

    “Always quick to give the correct answers. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”