Customer Reviews

  • DS

    “I strongly recommend Erie for their superior customer service and loyalty. I am very happy with the rates for all their insurance policies. I appreciate the polite and courteous answer’s to questions that I have at times. During the very few incidents that I had over the years they have always been there for me. I strongly recommend them over any other insurance company out there. Keep up the great work and thank you for being here.”

  • EH

    “Willingness to work with me on payments and a huge help to get house Insurance reinstated during a time when my brother was terminally ill and I forgot about it. Helped my sister as well since she lives with me. ”

  • LJ

    “Have always been able to take care of my questions and inquiries in a reasonable time and good answers that have been explained in plain English. ”

  • DM

    “Cathy is the best and explains everything in great detail.”

  • JB

    “McElhinny Insurace Has the best rates I have found and they go above and beyond to find what policies will work best for each individual. They take the time to answer all questions you may have. I highly recommend them.”

  • FM

    “They are always there to help!”

  • TW

    “Great response. Kept us informed of the issue and resolved things quickly.”

  • GE

    “Detailed oriented agency with clear explanations of insurance plans and quick to respond to claims when they arise.”

  • DS

    “Tim returns my phone calls and emails promptly. Always polite and gets the answers to my questions and concerns.”

  • MD

    “Your agents are extremely helpful and were able to help me with something I wasn’t familiar with. Thank you!”

  • WP

    “Long time customer. Very satisfied with entire staff.”

  • MP

    “I like that when I call all I have to do is just state my name once and before I ask a question they already have my info pulled up and are ready to go!”

  • AD

    “Great coverage and always helpful when needed.”

  • PM

    “A real person always answers the phone within 3 rings and your team is ultra responsive to any question, issue, or concern I may have.

  • EF

    “Quick,courteous service. Also, very knowledgeable about insurance products. Received honest and accurate answers about appropriate coverage for my situation.”